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Learn About Vacating a Criminal Conviction in Spokane, WA

Even after serving time for a past conviction, the record of the event can follow you and make getting employment or housing quite difficult. Thankfully at 8 Second Legal, we are here to help. We can offer you advice on vacating a criminal conviction in Spokane, WA, which will clear your record of the past charges giving you a clean slate on background checks. Once your record is cleared of the conviction, you no longer even have to mention that you were ever charged and convicted with the crime. Contact us today to determine if you are eligible to vacate your conviction and let our team help you clear your record.


Complete Legal Assistance

If we determine that you are eligible to vacate your past convictions, then our team will get to work filing your application with the court. We will help you through the paperwork and provide you with representation during the dismissal process. Additionally, our criminal law firm can assist you with any other legal matters you may be facing as a result of your past conviction. So when you are ready to clear your record of your past mistakes or need assistance with other legal matters, reach out to our firm.