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Rape. Child Molestation. Sexual Misconduct. 

When we hear these terms, it's easy to jump to conclusions. There is nothing more devastating to your life or your reputation than being accused of a sex crime. Things are not always as they seem. Sometimes, allegations are entirely false; the conduct never happened. Other times, the conduct occurred, but there is a dispute when it comes to intent/consent. Other cases involve statutory issues, usually concerning age, that can turn a mutually consensual act into a crime.

We're not talking about a rapist jumping out of the bushes and attacking people. We're also not talking about predators that prey on children or the weak. We're talking about ordinary people going about their lives in a normal fashion, only to have an allegation crash into their life like a semi truck. It happens. 

The law says you are innocent until proven guilty, but our office does not approach these cases with that philosophy. Our goal is to prove your innocence and restore your good name. We do this by getting to the bottom of the evidence, sometimes on a molecular level.

When it comes to false allegations, there is always a "why." We consider it our burden to find the answer to that. Why would someone accuse you of this? What is the motivation? We will work relentlessly to find the "why" and expose it. Sometimes we have to go layers and layers deep to get there, but we are equipped for the task. 

Our hope is that you will never be put in the position to need us, but if you need us, we are here and WE CAN HELP.