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Restoration of Firearms Rights

Want to hunt again? Call us for a free consultation for our criminal law services to determine if you are eligible to have your firearms rights restored in Washington. If you are eligible, we can have you hunting on private or public land again in no time. The conviction that resulted in the loss of the right to possess a firearm does not have to have been made in Washington, but in order to have your gun rights restored in Washington, you must live in Washington and bring your petition in the county in which you reside. In order to qualify you must:

  • Be at least 18 years old.
  • Have no criminal charges pending in any court.
  • Have never been convicted of a Class A felony.
  • Have never been convicted of any felony carrying a maximum sentence of at least 20 years.
  • Have never been convicted of any sex offense which prohibits ownership of firearms.
  • Be in the community for at least 5 consecutive years (for felonies) or 3 consecutive years (for non-felonies) without being convicted of any crime.
  • Have no prior felony convictions that prohibit the possession of a firearm counted as part of the Offender Score.
  • Not be subject to any restraining order that prohibits possession of a firearm.
  • Never have been involuntarily committed for mental health treatment.

Helping With Your Gun Rights With Our Criminal Law Service in Spokane, WA