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Family law actions must be DONE RIGHT THE FIRST TIME as it can be very difficult to change a final order once it is entered.

There are many nuances in Family Law and in Family Court that can only be navigated by an EXPERIENCED Family Law attorney.  Don't leave it to chance.


REAL Questions and Answers:

My husband and I were gifted a car. It's in my name, but we are both on the insurance policy. If we divorce, who does it go to? A friend gifted us the car a few months after we got married. My husband has been the primary driver since we acquired it, though the car is technically still in my name. My husband is in the service, I'm not sure if that changes things. I have been contemplating divorce for some time now, and the only thing I'd 'like' out of the divorce is to have my car back. We've been married just shy of a year. Any advice is greatly appreciated.

Jacqueline's Answer:   You say the car was gifted to both of you a few months after you were married. This creates a presumption that the car is community property and that you each have a 1/2 interest in the car. There are many ways to resolve this. Some examples: Your husband is free to agree to give you his interest in the car, you could purchase your husband's interest from him, or you could offer him your interest in another community asset in exchange for his interest in the car.

Is this fraud or is this misrepresentation? The other party's attorney wrote in the order that the previous restraining order remains in full force and effect. The previous order was a temporary order and at this hearing (telephonic me) was never said that the restraining order was permanent nor in effect, nor is it in transcript. So my question is , is this fraud or misrepresentation?

Jacqueline's Answer:   We need more information to fully answer this question. Was the hearing at which you appeared by telephone a hearing on whether or not the matter would be continued to a later date? If so, then is is appropriate that the other attorney would write in the order that the temporary restraining order would remain in full force and effect (until the next hearing). If the judge made a ruling on the restraining order, then the the written order should reflect the judges order.

Unmarried pregnancy and unprotected sex at one night stand no any relationship before. I am married man with two kids, age 27 i went to night club and meet a woman she is 40 years old next night we figured out to have one night stand and she known i am married and have kids . 

we drunk and i ask her do you have any sex protection she said yes1 we mad sex i didnt finish my self into her but after 1 months she called me i am pregnant by you! i since 2 months i dont have any contact with her because i lost my cellphone . so what is your advice for me what to do..

Jacqueline's Answer:   The good news is that in this day and age, we no longer have to speculate about who the father is. A paternity test will either prove or eliminate you as the father. If you are the father of this child, then you will want an attorney to work with you to establish who the child will be with an when, and what the financial responsibility of the parties will be.

What happens if I terminate relationship with my existing Divorce attorney the day before the court hearing date?  This is the first temporary motion hearing for child support. I believe my existing attorney has failed to make a compelling case for me. I am the father and husband. There is a minor child involved. Will the court hearing be rescheduled as I look for another attorney? What options do I have? Also will it make me look bad in the eyes of the court?

Jacqueline's Answer:   It will not necessarily make you look bad in the eyes of the court. The risk is that the judge may not grant you more time to obtain a new attorney and you may have to proceed with the hearing on your own. You have every right to terminate your attorney if that is what you wish.