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Agreed Divorce Firm in Spokane, WA


less fighting and more living!

Are you and your spouse in agreement as to how to divide your property? Do you agree on a parenting plan and child support? If so, you are in a position to save yourselves thousands of dollars in legal fees. If the terms of your divorce are agreed, we can take it from there!

For a flat fee of $1500, the Agreed Divorce package includes:

  • Up to two hours in-person (or by Zoom) with an attorney to go over your agreement to ensure that your agreement is legal and to ensure that your agreement covers every necessary detail (both parties must be present). If, during this meeting, the parties realize that there are issues in dispute (issues that the parties do not agree upon), the parties will be advised to consult with individual counsel before proceeding.
  • Your initial and final documents will be drafted by a licensed attorney with extensive experience in family law litigation.
  • We will file your case in a manner that will keep your case from being published in the local newspaper.
  • We will provide you with ongoing digital access to all of your documents.
  • $314.00 filing fee is included in the package.
  • Most cases can be completed within 120 days from start to finish.