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Step One: Select a mutually agreeable date from the list below. This page is updated throughout the day. Morning slots begin at 9:00 AM and afternoon slots begin at 1:30 PM. Each slot has a 4-hour duration (does not mean we will need the full 4 hours). You may also reserve a full day. 

Step Two: Email info@8secondlegal.com (or email your mediator directly) to reserve your selected date. Please include both parties' name and email address along with your case number and copy the other party on the email. Your selection is confirmed when you recieve a confirmation email with an Agreement to Mediate attached. Confirmations will be provided within 1 business day.

IMPORTANT: By scheduling mediation, you assert that both parties have expressly agreed to use this office for mediation and that the selected date/time works for both parties. If a party schedules a mediation without the express agreement of the other party, the scheduling party is responsible for the entire 1-hour minimum fee if the non-scheduling party does not appear.


December 15, AM/PM

December 20, AM/PM

December 21, AM/PM

December 22, AM/PM

December 27, AM/PM

December 28, AM/PM

December 29, AM/PM


January 3, AM/PM

January 4, AM

January 5, AM/PM

January 8, PM

January 9, AM

January 10, AM

January 11, AM/PM

January 12, AM/PM

January 16, AM

January 17, PM

January 18, AM

January 19, AM

January 22, AM

January 23, AM

January 24, PM

January 25, AM/PM

January 26, AM/PM

January 29, AM/PM

January 30, AM

January 31, PM


February 1, AM/PM

February 2, PM

February 5, AM/PM

February 6, AM

February 7, AM/PM

February 8, AM/PM

February 9, AM/PM

February 12, AM/PM

February 13, AM

February 14, AM/PM

February 15, AM/PM

February 16, AM/PM

February 20, AM

February 21, AM/PM

February 22, AM/PM

February 23, AM/PM

February 26, PM

February 27, AM

February 28, AM/PM

February 29, AM/PM

CHINS/ARY SLOTS (for Chins/ARY cases only)

January 9, 1:30 PM or 3 PM

January 16, 1:30 PM or 3 PM

January 23, 1:30 PM or 3 PM

January 30, 1:30 PM or 3 PM