Law Office of Jacqueline Porter:

Divorce. DUI. Criminal Defense. Domestic Violence. Custody. Relocations. Gun Rights. Expungement.

It is our belief at 8 Second Legal that you don’t throw people away because of a poor choice, a broken relationship or an addiction. Life isn’t always pretty and the legal system can be unforgiving, complicated and embarrassing. Each member of our team has unique life experience upon which to draw compassion and understanding to help each person that comes into our office. We believe in helping the whole person, looking at the big picture, advocating fiercely, and getting our clients the absolute best legal outcome possible.

Jen Richards, also known as the “client-whisperer” and paralegal of 8 Second Legal, is the heart and soul of the office. Born in California but raised in Spokane, Jen has been an essential part of the 8 Second Legal Team since 2016. When she is not in the office, Jen is busy mothering three beautiful teens and shuffling them to and from all of their many activities, including traveling wrestling teams and various other school sports.

Jen is a fierce advocate for our clients and provides them with the emotional support, empathy and guidance that they need in times of crisis. Our clients (and our attorneys) love Jen – you will not find anyone like her in any other office. Jen’s loyalty to her friends, her family and our clients is unmatched. There is rarely a time when Jen is not working or serving clients, attorneys or her family. Jen is the person our clients have the most contact with – if our clients need anything, they call Jen!

Jacqueline Porter's passion for the law began with a degree in Criminal Justice in 1997.  She went on to obtain her Juris Doctorate from Gonzaga University School of Law.  She has a demonstrated record of success in jury trials, bench trials, and administrative hearings. 

Jacqueline has her own unique life experience that she brings to client-attorney relationships that envelops compassion and understanding. While she is kind with clients (unless they absolutely need her tough love), she is fierce and passionate in the courtroom. Jacqueline’s ability to articulate the law and how it applies to clients’ situations is comforting to those who are going through legal crisis and don’t really understand what is happening or why. Her ability to explain the law and put it into perspective is something her clients and colleagues love and appreciate about her. 

Marriya Wright earned her undergraduate degree in Political Science from California State University, Chico. In 2001, she migrated to Spokane, Washington to attend Gonzaga University School of Law, from which she graduated early, in December of 2004. She started out in private practice handling mostly criminal defense cases. In 2007, she was hired at the Spokane County Prosecutor’s Office where she handled DUIs, Domestic Violence crimes and Property Crimes throughout her 7-year career as a prosecutor.  After leaving the prosecutor’s office, she returned to private practice and is now an essential part of our 8 Second Legal Team. Her experience as a prosecutor gives our office an edge in our criminal defense practice.

Marriya is now a mother of two and resides with her family in the beautiful state of Alaska, from which she commutes to handle cases for our office. She has very interesting and unique life experiences that make her a more effective advocate than your average lawyer. She has stood in the same shoes as many of our clients. She has experienced that pain, has felt that embarrassment and has been broken... but her story did not end there. Her resilience and strength (which she draws from God) are life-giving to clients who come to us broken, abandoned and pained. Marriya has an unbelievable amount of compassion for our clients and it is her mission in life to help people in legal crisis situations.  

While your case is pending, you will frequently be in contact with Marriya as she and Jacqueline work hand in hand on all cases that come through the office. Both attorneys handle all cases, both attorneys conference frequently about all cases, both attorneys have their fingers and brains in all cases. Marriya is appreciated by clients not only because of her excellent legal skills and experience, but also because of her availability. Despite living in Alaska, Marriya is available day and night to clients via email, text and telephone.

Emily Brooks grew up in Spokane before moving to Utah as a teenager where she attended Southern Utah University, earning a Bachelor of Science in Psychology with a minor in Business Administration. She later returned to Spokane and earned her juris doctorate from Gonzaga University School of Law. Due to her high skill level in court, Emily's role is to present our oral arguments in court. She does this in addition to running her own private practice, The Brooks Plumb Law Firm, with a focus on mortgage foreclosure law. Emily is our "oral argument queen."